Is the story “Conquistadors using plans of Constantinople in the new world” factual?

Is the story “Conquistadors using plans of Constantinople in the new world” factual?

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As someone from Istanbul, I have always heard stories and legends about the olden Roman city, when it was Constantinople. I am curious about the one I really like, whether it has any truth in it, or is it a just a legend? It goes like this;

"Since Constantinople was build in later years as the new Eastern capital, Romans gave all their best efforts in building and designing the perfect city. The Queen of Cities was so perfect that even during their conquests in the new world Spanish conquistadors carried the detailed plans of it, so that they can use this perfection as the layouts for the cities they plan to found."

This story is especially used as a sad comparison with modern Istanbul's terrible city planning, saying Turks ruined the perfection. Is there any historical evidence for this story?

According to the Romans it appears to have been 4th century historian Sozomen describes it as a "New Rome" equal in power and influence ,and describes Constantine's success-"He created another senate which he endowed with the same honours and privileges as that of Rome,and he strove to render the city of his name equal in every way to Rome in Italy;nor were his wishes in vain,for by the favor of God ,it became the most populous and wealthy of cities".Source "The mammoth book of how it happened in Ancient Rome"

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