321st B.G. Headlines page 4 - 12 June 1943

321st B.G. Headlines page 4 - 12 June 1943

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321st B.G. Headlines page 4 - 12 June 1943

Page four of the 321st Bombardment Group's post-war 'Headlines' pamphlet covers the invasion of Pantelleria and Lampedusa, two heavily Italian held islands that surrendered in June 1943 after being subjected to a massive aerial bombardment. This was just about the only example of strong enemy force surrendering to air attack alone. The picture shows aircraft from the 321st bombing Pantelleria.

This document comes from a pamphlet produced by the 321st Bombardment Group after the war, which told the story of the group's activities from 15 March 1943-15 March 1945 in the form of a newspaper.

Many thanks to Christine Stewart for sending us this document, which came from the collection of her father in law EugeneW. Stewart, a staff sergeant in transportation with the 321st Bombardment Group.

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