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The Keith Papers

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14. Keith to Montagu

Ufrecht, Sheerness,
June 20, 1803.

Sir, You will be pleased to order Commodore Sir Sidney Smith to proceed to sea immediately and to cruise from Gravesande [the Hague] to Egmont ap Zee on the coast of Holland, where he may expect to meet with Rear-Admiral Thornborough, under whose orders the Commodore, with any of the ships stationed off Helvoet with whom he may fall in during his passage, are to act for the purpose of carrying my Secret Instructions into effect.

You will also direct Captain Hotham to accompany the Commodore in the Raisonnable, keeping your own flag in any other ship in the Downs, and directing Sir Sidney, after his co-operation with Rear-Admiral Thornborough shall be at an end, to cruise till further orders off the Texel for the purpose of watching the movements of any vessels that may be there, and obtaining information of any important preparations that may be carrying on. I have no doubt that the disposition you are making of the ships under your orders will be the best calculated for ensuring the success of the intended operation at the several points of Boulogne, St. Valery, Dieppe and Havre de Grace, as mentioned to you in my secret letter of the 18th inst. I have &c.


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Web Page: Rickard, J (24 July 2006), Keith to Secretary of Admiralty

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